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Both men and women compete in the sport of bobsleigh, a sport that combines speed, power and agility. There are two person races for men and women. Men also have a four-man event. Bobsleigh is one of the original sports in the Olympic Winter Games.


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The Race & World Cup Circuit

Bobsleigh teams include a brakeman and a pilot in the two-man event, while two crewmen/pushers are added for the four-man race. From a standing start, the crew pushes the sled in unison for up to 50 meters. This distance is typically covered in less than six seconds and speeds of over 40 km/h...

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The Sled

The sled is an aerodynamic machine made of fiberglass and steel, mounted on four highly polished steel runners. The two front runners have approximately three inches of lateral movement and are attached to ropes held by the driver, who steers the sled. The brake handles are located...

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The Track

Although a few natural ice tracks are still in use today, most competitions take place on concrete-based tracks with artificial ice surfaces. Although the standard length is 1,500 meters, every course has unique characteristics and varying degrees of difficulty. All courses drop a minimum specified vertical...

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The Equipment

Bobsledders wear helmets and skintight racing uniforms made from a stretchy material. Racing shoes have small spikes on the soles for traction on the ice. Drivers must wear goggles. Most drivers wear gloves, although some prefer bare hands to feel the steering ropes better. Some riders wear...

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