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Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation


The skeleton sled is a low profile, but heavy sled, with a fiberglass "pod" which provides the aerodynamics to the lower part, mounted onto a steel chassis/frame. The sled "runs" on two highly polished steel runners. The runners are mounted such that the "bow" can be controlled, which assists in the steering of the sled. There are no brakes on a skeleton sled, so the athlete and sled will stop by decelerating in the braking stretch and sometimes they will have either "fresh snow" or foam pads in the track to assist with the braking.

The temperature of the steel runners is taken electronically immediately prior to each race heat. Heating of the runners is illegal. At the finish line, the sled and athlete are weighed to ensure that they are below the maximum weight.

To place all competitors on an equal footing, sleds are standardized according to specifications set by the IBSF.

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