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Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
La Plagne, 8 mar 2020
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World Championships
Skeleton Mixed Team Competition
Altenberg, 1 mar 2020
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Social Wall

Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

Hold up, it's #WorldAfroDay 〰️➰➿ . Here's why this day is awesome and you should know what it is truly all about! 👇🏾 . A global day of change, education and celebration of Afro hair; endorsed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights. (Ummm that's legit). Creates and organizes events to work with families, schools and authorities to tackle discrimination against Afro hair.  . World Afro Day is part of a movement towards positivity in the black and mixed-race community and it all centers around the afro, a cultural symbol that’s been part of history for hundreds of years. By removing the biases associated with the afro, this day is all about making the afro beautiful and accepted. . Although I have always rocked my natural hair, I didn't always have pride and acceptance of it nor appreciate it's absolute beauty 😥 (I was trippin). Fortunately I have parents that always taught me how to love, accept, nurture and be proud of my body and mixed races and all the unique beautiful features that come with it. The outside world wasn't always so kind nor embracing. . Happy that there is a day to celebrate just another part of individuals uniqueness and historical culture providing tools to educate and remove bias/discrimination. Proud and Honored Afro 👸🏾 for life 💁🏾‍♀️ . . . 📸: @jamesfarrellphoto 👩🏾‍🎤💇🏾‍♀️: @whatischristie #worldfroday #rockyourafro #rockyourcurls #embraceyourbeauty #fortheculture #enddiscrimination #educate #mixed #multicultural #afrohair #curly #curls #curlygirl #photooftheday #throwback #bigchop #3c #4a #hair #beauty #model #athlete #olympian

Kaillie Humphries OLY

1 year ago today I married the man I hoped, wished and prayed for. The day was perfect. true to life things didn’t go totally as planned, but that made it special. together as an official couple & much larger family we made the day our own. We had people come & support us from Canada, USA, Germany & The U.K. some we have known our whole lives, others meeting for the first time. Family and friends made the day unbelievable. The ceremony was at St.Francis chapel in Balboa park (SanDiego), with the reception at a friends house in Rancho Santa Fe. Everyone pitched In from set up to tear down, team effort. Things we didn’t expect: The night before my bridal bouquet arrived the wrong size....a few people & bridal party got lost on the way to the chapel...our first dance was surprisingly cut in half by the DJ after we rehearsed our routine for months....and shortly before I had to announce to the world I needed a career change. Overall It was the best day though,I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. We had so many perfect moments. My sister in law fixed the bouquet.... the bridal party made the ceremony 10 mins before showtime...we got to showcase our “first dance” two times (making it twice as special). everyone watched it all over again like they had never seen it before.....tears got shed but @travis_the_trainer_ was rock solid & held me tight. Family & friends never let us loose focus on what was being created from this day forward. I learned together we could face anything. One of my proudest life moments is marry him September 14th,2019. The speeches from the family were heartwarming. Grandpa sang the Lord’s Prayer. Pool parties, family time before/after, a baseball game made it into a week event filled with memories. Life didn’t stop for our special day, it kept showing us just how compatible we truly are. we made it our own day & celebrated like we didn’t have a care in the world. Fun is an understatement. I look forward to a lifetime together with @travis_the_trainer_ ,He completes me in so many ways. Happy 1 year wedding anniversary baby! : : #marriage #marriedlife #husbandandwife #togetherforever #happilyeverarmbruster #1year #bestdayever #love