BMW IBSF World Championships Altenberg 4-Man Bobsleigh

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Aktuellste Resultate

Training BMW IBSF World Championships Training
4-man Bobsleigh
Altenberg, 27 feb 2020

World Championships World Championships
Women´s Skeleton
Altenberg, 28 feb 2020 / 29 feb 2020
3:54.74    (+0.22)
3:55.73    (+1.21)

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Elana Meyers Taylor OLY

Yesterday was the anniversary of @lauryncwilliams and I winning a silver [email protected] the 2014 Sochi Olympics. It remains one of my biggest athletic disappointments to this day, and it’s not about the color of the medal. The week had been extremely difficult, with brakemen race offs, stitches for me, a crash, and finally my sled breaking into 1,000 pieces after slamming into the braking stretch and needing to use spare parts from a sled on display in the @teamusa house. I entered that race quite dejected and physically battered and bruised, but still very much with a focus on going after what I wanted. For the first three runs, we did exactly that- we set start records and track records and led the race for the first 3 heats. The final heat, I made a costly mistake that caused us to drop out of gold medal position. It isn’t the mistake that haunts me- I’ve made plenty of mistakes in races as it’s part of sport- it’s what happened during that race. I didn’t trust myself as an athlete; I didn’t trust that I knew what to do or the voice inside my own head. I let others dictate my actions- as I believed that they would lead me to a gold medal. I let others control my career and my destiny, and for that I struggle to forgive myself. I take full responsibility for what happened in Sochi, I just should have known better- I should have trusted that little voice inside my head, and not only trusted it but used a bullhorn to amplify it. In my gut I knew things weren’t right, but I didn’t trust myself and let things happen instead of taking control. Because of this race I would go on to do great things using the lessons I’ve learned- 2 World Championships, an overall World Cup title, and another Olympic medal. And to be fair there is much to be proud of for what Lauryn and I had overcome to even get on the starting line of that race, however, I will always have a bit of regret and disappointment over that race and how I failed to trust myself as the athlete I am. @usabs #trustyourself