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Training WC Bobsleigh & Skeleton
Bobsleigh Women/Men
Winterberg, 12 dec 2018

Training WC Bobsleigh & Skeleton
Skeleton Women/Men
Winterberg, 12 dec 2018

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Anna Fernstädt


Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

An incredible amount of work by my client and friend @janksta24 has gone into competing this weekend. She came to #PyeongChang2018 #SouthKorea to cheer me on in the 2018 #OlympicGames using her passport and traveling out of her home country for the first time EVER and by HERSELF. . That trip changed her in so many ways enlightening her and stirring the curiosity pot. When she arrived home she decided it was time to take back control of her life and she wanted to start with her personal health and fitness. Que me 😋, she as me to be her coach and let me know some long and short term goals. The priority being a healthy, active and maintainable lifestyle. We started on her journey in March 2018. By August she lost 50lbs and maintained consistent fat loss, found out foods she was sensitive too, increased positive mood and energy, and of course she traveled more! 😍 . Jen then approached me inquiring about an idea of her competing in a weight lifting comp to give her an additional challenge and focus throughout he journey. We decided a plan (there were some rough patches and trial and error as she has a full time job and is a cornerstone member of her family). . Fast forward to this weekend! I was unable to attend as her coach to the meet but remotely we came up with a game plan and if she needed to adjust she knew what was needed. She had a ton of support there including the community of weight lifting present. Jen was able to maintain her weight throughout training for this and came in 4th for her division. I couldn't be prouder of her performance and her ability to adapt. Congrats Janks! Cannot wait for the next challenge to coach you on! . . . #coach #athlete #family #friends #challenge #competition #swolemate #lift #chickswholift #squat #legday #trophy #journey #health #transformation #powerlifting #bench #deadlift #teamnobelt #weightloss #muscle #gainz #longpost #sorrynotsorry #bragging #bestie #proud