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Para Sport World Cup
Para Bobsleigh
Para Sport World Cup
Para Bobsleigh
Europe Cup
2-man Bobsleigh

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Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
La Plagne, 8 mar 2020
2:11.01    (+0.07)
2:11.57    (+0.63)
World Championships
Skeleton Mixed Team Competition
Altenberg, 1 mar 2020
1:55.40    (+0.01)
1:55.82    (+0.43)

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Laura Deas | Winter Olympian

Ever watched Cool Runnings? . I decided to hop back across the pond for this week's #tracktuesday to feature a location that sadly may never appear on the international circuit again due to closure. Calgary could be considered the best known of all ice tracks in the world given that it was the setting for the legendary film Cool Runnings. If you've ever seen that film then you've watched sleds on this track whether you realised it or not! . It opened in 1986 ready to host the 1988 Winter Olympics, and sits in a beautiful position overlooking the city of Calgary on one side and the mountains in the distance on the other. In recent years it has featured intermittently on the World Cup circuit. . The track has a long, flat push profile feeding into a low pressure top half that runs down to a very long straight, followed by a tricky kreisel. The idea is to flow quietly through the top few corners and build speed, but this can be difficult as there are several places along the way where you can lose time with small mistakes. Kresiel itself is interesting- the pressures aren't huge but it has a difficult exit that wants to throw you into the left wall on the exit (see 1st photo!). The athlete normally has to make a calculated decision whether to try and steer harder in kreisel and avoid that exit hit, or take the hit and hope the rebound sets you up well for the next corner. Believe it or not, quite often the second option is quicker and more consistent! . From kresiel to the finish, the aim is to link the big, labyrinth style corners into a smooth course that doesn't require too much work. Then there's just the final corner left, a big two wave corner with high pressure which squashes you into the sled, then spits you out over the finish line as the pressure releases. . Swipe ➡️ to see me in action in the last Calgary World Cup. 📷 @ibsfsliding . #tracktuesday #wintersport #skeleton #sport #fitness #training #motivation #calgary #city #landscape #alberta #canada #insta #video #picoftheday #photographer #travel #coolrunnings #winterolympics #womeninsport #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdayvibes #sporty #sunset #actionshot #instavideo #athlete


"SLEDHEAD" (link in bio) @nytimes It's easy & fun to share the nice things about sport - advancements, opportunities, accomplishments, milestones, the adrenaline of racing at 140km/h! But this piece was none of those things & it was hard to read & share.. This article is sobering. I read it twice. It broke my heart. It asks big unanswered questions. It showcases how bad things can get when they go wrong. It highlights the need for concussion research & education. It brings attention to the importance of mental health resources & support. To date I have never had any head injuries. But what does the everyday wear & tear of sliding under significant G-force, racing at break-neck speeds and the little bumps & bruises along the way mean for our brains? Not really understanding - even on a professional level - the significance of smaller incidents, accumulated brain injury, risk levels, concussion recovery, & possible corresponding long-term effects can be scary. But I am thankful for the ongoing research, resources & protocols in place that help inform & protect athletes. That said.. perhaps it's time again to stop, ask some hard questions, review our protocols & routines, & focus more on education & research to promote health here & now & in the future. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ " 'The concussions from the major crashes get diagnosed,' said Dr. Brian Benson, the chief medical officer for the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary, Alberta, who has been studying brain trauma in sliding sports for a decade. 'The real concern is the concussion-like symptoms they experience because of the high speeds and the forces.' Benson compared it to shaken baby syndrome but for adults. The question no one can answer, because accumulated brain injury is so hard to measure in real time, is how much is too much?" PS. My heart goes out to all the families & friends of the great athletes mentioned in this article. Thank you for willingly sharing their story. . . . #sleighallday #sleightheday #bobsleigh #bobsled #teamcanada #sledhead #nytimes #neuroscience #psychology #concussion #concussionresearch #braintrauma #wearandtear #hottopic