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Melissa Lotholz

En route to a better me 🌱🏞 . It's #mentalhealthawareness day. A day to talk about mental health and illness but also a day just to be real with where we are at. Like our physical health, #mentalhealth exisits on a spectrum: some days are good, some are bad, some days we are on top of the world, some we unavoidably are "under the weather". It's a process that ebbs and flows; grows and gets worn down. But our mental and emotional health is also something that we can choose to be intentional with and take action to get more into "shape". . . So that said, here's a little snapshot of where I'm at : (Caution ⚠️ : 💩 about to get real, real quick) . This season I decided to back off my physical training in order to dive head first into a "mental / emotional training program". Not becuase I was a total mess (ok I was a little messy - we all are!) But because I wanted more; I believed I could be better; I wanted to stop and ask hard "what's the meaning of life" and "who am I" questions. . So I moved cities. Hired a life coach. Enrolled in a "take 8 months to dig into the craziest, most painful parts of your life and work through it" type of course (Aka. @freedomsession ) & got busy. . Throughout this process I wrestled with pain and loss I forgot I had, chose confession, forgiveness and responsiblitly again and again (Cute, simple words until we are talking about your deepest pains and greatest shames!) and weighed my values and priorities. Sometimes I had no idea how or if I could do my homework. But just like in the gym or at the bobsleigh track I took it one step at a time. In obedience. In faith. In hope. And by the grace of God. . This journey has been tough and crazy and I might have more questions now than when I started, but it's so, so worth it. Because I chose to dig deep, do the work, and ask for help I feel more "me", more free, and more ready to take on whatever life throws my way than I have in a long time. . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #growth #journey #thehappynow #bettermanproject #freedomsession #freedom #selfimprovement #selfexploration #ilovejesus #bodymindspirit #explorecanada #hikecanada #exploreAB #hiketherockies