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BMW IBSF World Cup BMW IBSF World Cup
4-man Bobsleigh
Königssee, 26 jan 2020
Europe Cup Europe Cup
Women´s Skeleton
Altenberg, 25 jan 2020
1:56.67    (+0.11)
1:57.30    (+0.74)

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Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

Reflecting on the Decade . #1 Unconditional love and partnership . I'm weird, goofy, got a wicked temper, cuss like a sailor, never do my hair, forget to brush my teeth sometimes, cook w/ A LOT of garlic (thanks Mom), love hard, can be over protective, will not shave my legs for a date but best believe I do before race day, am very passionate, stubborn at times, open minded, caring - as Surf puts it "too nice," always multitasking, often have too much on my plate, slightly anal when it comes to a few things like: my Bobsleigh tool box, cleaning the house, packing for a trip - to name a few, if I ask you to do something I expect and want it done thoroughly, have high expectations for those in my circle, when wearing glasses I think my facial expressions are invisible (they aren't), people watcher, love to dance (including with no music on), have no shame going to the store in baggy sweatpants, oversized tee, socks slides and unkept hair, a bra being optional, pronounce things wrong all the time, have a sh*t ton of student loan debt [1 B.A, 1 M.S and 1 MBA, cheers to being overqualified (with degrees and certificates) for scholarships halfway through my 2 masters' degrees], make mistakes a bunch and often . With that, I have a partner that accepts me for me. He sealed the deal when he said, "If you were to never change from today and remain the same you but 50 years from now, I'll still love you, I love you for you, today, tomorrow, always!" . I have felt love, I have been loved, but I never had a partner where no matter what side of me was present they weren't trying to change me or I felt I needed to mask it and be more "presentable" of their ideal version of me. . This doesn't mean you aren't to change and evolve as a person but the true core of yourself is already written in the history books, those parts of you won't rwally change and you should be with someone who let's you shine for you... Unconditionally! All the parts of you. . Unconditional goes both ways. A partnership of love, communication, respect and open mindedness between you and another. . Love is the absence of judgement. With unconditional love you are FREE!