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Latest Results

Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
Lake Placid, 13 apr 2019
2:06.63    (+0.83)
2:07.18    (+1.38)
World Championships
Women´s Skeleton
Whistler, 7 mar 2019 / 8 mar 2019
3:33.41    (+0.38)
3:34.20    (+1.17)

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Melissa Lotholz, ?? OLY

Happy Olympic Day everyone!! . . ................................................. It might sound cliche but it's true: the journey, not the destination, is most important. On route is where character is built, lessons are learned and you meet unbelievable people who shape and challenge you.. like these two ladies. I wouldn't be where I am without them: . @christinerdebruin introduced me to the sport of bobsleigh when she switched from track and field to the sliding sport in 2011. Three years later I followed in her footsteps when I tried out and made the national bobsleigh team leaving track behind me. I had the priviledge of making history with her by helping qualify a 3rd women's sled for the Games for the first time in Canadian history and then got to race with her at the Olympics finishing 7th. . @thecynapps pushed me to be better again, and again, and again. We have always been competitive, scrapping for hundredths in the icehouse, inches on the track and pounds in the weightroom. She is a fierce athlete and an amazing woman. Constantly being compared and put head to head with our individual goals and dreams on the line, was not at all easy, but to the best of our ability we chose to compete with respect and integrity. I can't begin to describe how much respect I have for this girl and how incredible greatful I am to her for how she has pushed and challenged me. I am better because of her, and I hope she can say the same of me. Admidst the competition, Cyn and I also competed side by side to make history as part of the first ever all women World Cup 4man team. I also had the priviledge of being her brakeman in her first NAC race as a pilot (needless to say we crushed everyone at the start 😉). I'm excited to see how far this friendly in-house rivalry can push us now that we are both in the driver's seat! . . . #OlympicDay #Olympics #TeamCanada #BobsleighCanada #excellence #fun #fairness #respect #humandevelopment #leadership #peace #sappypost #ironsharpensiron #teammates #goforgold