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Training WC Bobsleigh & Skeleton Training
Bobsleigh Women/Men
St. Moritz, 29 jan 2020

Training WC Bobsleigh & Skeleton Training
Skeleton Women/Men
St. Moritz, 29 jan 2020

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Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

This is a loss that makes you pause and deeply reflect. Life is so fragile. My husband and I since the beginning of our relationship have always said regardless of the accolades, awards, medals, career highlights... In the end it really doesn't matter. A wife lost her husband and daughter, children lost their parent and sibling, families lost their beloved ones. The next generation lost someone who inspired them to fight and be true. A little girl won't become a woman. The world lost an amazing person off the court. . Kobe Bryant was so much more than a ball player, a GOAT. Showing us it is okay to have an insatiable appetite and to be unapologetic about it. Creating children's books of life lessons, using basketball to inspire those to live their dreams and to not let anyone trample them, creating movies of representation where he won an Oscar. He Learned the home languages of his competitors to communicate with them properly on the court. A supporter of all walks of life. But still above all of that he was a family man who loved hard, gave hard. . Tragedies like this always are abrupt and halt the masses. It is a reminder to squeeze your loved ones, the day is never gaurenteed. I feel privileged to live in an era with @kobebyrant and to observe his greatness on and off the court. You are missed so much already and left too soon. May your legacy be immortal! . "What people see on the court is another side of me, it's not me" - Kobe . Thoughts for all who perished and their families 🖤 . . . #kobe #kobebryant #gigi #giannabryant #basketball #goat #824 #lakers #mamba #blackmamba #mambamentality #gonetosoon #legacy #legend #la #lalakers #alterego #mentor #creator #fierce #competitor