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Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

"You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important..." . I've always had my eyes set on something. Something to challenge myself, push barriers and elevate the community. Being a mixed kid, biracial, athletic, multi-skilled female put me in this grey area of never really fitting in. Struggling with how to balance my strength, beauty, interests and how to be valued with equity, visibility and empow(h)erment! Mostly never seeing someone like me or with similar experiences or background made the journey seem impossible, especially with doubters who had the inability to see the possibilities and my worth. . Now I know better, who really wants to fit in?!?! I was born to be different, unapologetically ME! I'm kind, I'm smart, I'm worthy, I'm enough, I'm beautiful, I'm strong, I'm fierce, I'm one of a kind and my gender should not be a reason of doubt, inequality, discrimination, limitations or expectations. It never played a role in my ability to chase my dreams nor should it for yours. To the girls/women before me, next to me and those who will come after me... This is for you... For all of us! . Because REPRESENTATION matters: what we see shapes how we organize the world and reality. In addition shapes the overall culture and progression of society. . The fight for gender pay parity isn’t new, but @paritynow is tackling the issue in sports in a refreshing way. Here to support women on their mission and worthiness and I'm totally here for it 🙌🏾♀️🌟 . This group of women are badass, diverse, and relentless in all things. Join me along with my fierce @paritynow community: 🔗 in bio ☝🏾 . . . #empowHERment #womeninsport #parity #paritynow @paritynow #ad #paywomen #payequity #genderpaygap @ibsf @teamjamaica @jbsfed

Kaillie Humphries OLY

To bring about change you must not be afraid to take the first step. In sport there have been doubters and people who don’t believe I can do the work, or have the skill, based off my gender. I feel a special responsibility to prove them all wrong. I enjoy the experience of rising above my perceived limitations and discovering new levels of my capabilities. I have routinely been shown we are far from parity in sport. Traditionally Bobsled is a mans world, but the non wavering belief i have in myself refuses to let me accept that. I will not let my gender or people’s opinions stop me from achieving success or chasing my dreams. I grew up in a household that taught me I can be anything if I worked hard and never gave up. My gender never played a role in limitations or expectations as a child. I believe Its my work ethic and talent that determine how far I can go. However, Im not blind to the fact that as a woman I am not provided equal or fair opportunities. In bobsled at the highest level women have only ever had 1 event to earn a medal at the Olympics, as opposed to the men who get 2 events. This never made sense to me, so I fought for years to change it. I am proud to say that moving forward women will now have 2 events too starting in the upcoming 2022 Olympics. I played a role in bringing about this change, and I know the women before me fought ruthlessly to prove these same points and paved the way. Moving forward I will continue to push the limits, so every young girl can grow up believing they can be anything in this world. Nobody should be limited based on another persons inability to see their worth. Fighting for parity through sport has become apart of my journey. I’m happy @paritynow is fighting for it in a new way, and I’m excited to join the community. Parity: the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay. . . . #strongwomen #empowher #empowHERment #womeninsport #parity #paritynow @usabs @teamusa #genderequality #ad #paywomen @paritynow #payequity #genderpaygap