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Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
Lake Placid, 13 apr 2019
2:06.63    (+0.83)
2:07.18    (+1.38)
World Championships
Women´s Skeleton
Whistler, 7 mar 2019 / 8 mar 2019
3:33.41    (+0.38)
3:34.20    (+1.17)

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Anna Fernstädt

PLAYBOY 🔥🔞 YES OR NO? 🤔 now I have your attention, please read this: OUR HOME IS ON FIRE! I normally don't do posts like this but this is f***ing important! We are killing our planet! Do you wanna live? Enjoy travelling and all the views this world has to offer? Are you planning a family? Do you have kids? Maybe we will survive what's going on right now, but if we don't change anything, be aware your kids might not. Who will do her/his last breath first? Your kids, grandchildren or mother nature? I know that YOU alone can't stop the climate change or make the grocery stores stop packaging bananas in plastic. But here are my Top 5 what YOU CAN DO in your everyday life: 1. Inform yourself, spread the word, share awareness! The more people realise how big this problem is, the better! 2. Watch your food: stop eating meat (or at least reduce it), eat local and seasonal, don't waste food, reduce dairy. Cook more, eat out less. -> (or swipe up in my story) 3. Don't use single use plastic. In grocery stores: watch the packaging, choose the unpacked fruits/veggies, glass bottles over plastic bottles, etc... 4. Be aware of how you use water and electricity. Do you really need the 20mins in the shower or are 10 enough? Switch off the lights when you leave the room. 5. Travel smarter. Take the bike/drive together/trains over planes! YOU CAN help save our planet! It's the little things in everyone's everyday life. Together we can have a big impact. Btw: not just the rainforest is on fire, also the arctic and far north. please think about this. And share. Your kids and mother nature will thank you. 🌎 #saveourplanet