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Upcoming competitions

The IBSF Congress has been organised regularly since the first event was held on November 23rd, 1923 in Paris. 

The IBSF Congress 2017 will take place in Salt Lake City, USA on June 28th and welcomes around 40 National Federations along with Race Organizers, Track Officials, IBSF Representatives and Guests.

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Kaillie Humphries OLY

My spirit animal : Bison (Buffalo) . It stands for strength, stability, respect, manifesting desires, bravery, kindness, protection, relaxing and stubbornness. . A few years ago I had the amazing opportunity of visiting a shaman and finding out my spirit animal. Does his finding surprise you?? It made perfect sense to me. I leaned into what this might mean, found out more, and sometimes go back to draw energy from this spirit world. . The Buffalo and Bison are interchangeable with their energy, spirit and power. Buffalo spirit walks a sacred path knowing the planet is a holy space and living creature. When Buffalo travels with you remember to live in gratitude and stay true to yourself. Harmonious, meaningful living is a large part of the message. Buffalo mantra is “count your blessings”. They have powerful bodies, strong shoulders and large heads. The body weight keeps them grounded. The creature’s shoulders can carry burdens with grace and balance. The old saying around “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders” is often true. The buffalo will show you how to free those burdens and focus energy in a balanced way. The head represents using our mind, and the horns point to the sky hinting at a higher connection with intelligence. They are very family-oriented and when something threatens that unit they go into action and can be very dangerous until the restoration of balance. Another way the Buffalo helps is by giving us courage. It shows us how to stop focusing on problems and instead concentrate on how much we have and our connectedness to all. . The beauty of buffalo people is that they are stable and sure, and naturally bear blessings in their wake. Their are many reasons why I invoke the bison / buffalo animal, perhaps greater conviction to stand firm on an issue. Perhaps inspiration to put sweat equity into a project or dream. No matter what walking with buffalo means being your own person and being ready to stand up for your cause or goal, even in the face of adversity.