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The IBSF Congress has been organised regularly since the first event was held on November 23rd, 1923 in Paris. 

The IBSF Congress 2017 will take place in Salt Lake City, USA on June 28th and welcomes around 40 National Federations along with Race Organizers, Track Officials, IBSF Representatives and Guests.

Latest Results

Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
La Plagne, 8 mar 2020
2:11.01    (+0.07)
2:11.57    (+0.63)
World Championships
Skeleton Mixed Team Competition
Altenberg, 1 mar 2020
1:55.40    (+0.01)
1:55.82    (+0.43)

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We have nothing to fear but fear itself - Winston Churchill This photo may be going WAYYY back (to like my first ever World Cup race back in 2014) and I wouldn't say that "fear" is how I would describe what I'm feeling at the top of the bobsleigh track (usually). But leading up to these points is more than 1 "scary" decision. Like, the choice to take a chance. The choice to show up when you feel uncertain or unqualifed. The choice to sacrifice and invest without knowing the outcome. The choice to ask for help or voice "stupid" questions. The choice to try something new, or try something old a different way and risk failing. Fear is a normal part of vulnerability. It's that feeling when you find yourself out of your comfort zone and you have the chance to grow. Feeling fear is ok. Listening to it is another thing. Having the courage to choose faith over fear, and to feel the fear but do it anyways is what allows us to grow and inspire and lead others to do the same. For me, it's also what made standing here with the Canadian flag on my back possible. 🇨🇦 *** When I (re)heard the Churchill quote earlier this week, it felt so suiting for 2020 : There has been a lot of global uncertainty and discomfort this year and it's been easy for fear to sneak up from behind and start hijacking decisions. So, I hope you pause. Take a chance to evaluate. And dare to be courageous by choosing faith over fear in your daily decisions. 🦁💕 . . . 📸 @leblanc6818 #sleighallday #sleightheday #farmfit #teamcanada #socanadian #bobsleigh #worldcup #throwback #stronglikeagirl #strongnotskinny #womensfitness #fitnessmotivation #wisdomwedneaday #faithoverfear #quoteoftheday #vulnerability #fear #fightfear #lionheart

Laura Deas | Winter Olympian

I read this quote recently: “...not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win”. . I came across this quote the other day and it really stuck with my inner athlete.To me, the words beautifully encapsulate not just the pursuit of pushing yourself to the limit in order to reach a goal, but also the acceptance within that pursuit of the struggle that will come too. . No-one will ever discover what they are truly capable of without struggle and difficulty, and as an athlete, knowing this helps me frame failure and setbacks as part of the process of reaching the long-term goal. . Ask any athlete about how they reached their major goals and I can guarantee that, somewhere along the line, a setback or perceived failure will have become a pivotal moment in their development. Adversity forces you to ask hard questions of yourself and others to ask hard questions of you. You emerge the other side bruised but bettered, slightly remoulded each time into a stronger version of you. . #athlete #mindset #mindsetiseverything #strengthathlete #strengthtraining #motivationalquotes #motivation #challenge #selfcare #skeleton #sport #fitness #training #extremesport #outdoorphotography #outdoorgym #adrenaline #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdayvibes #sporty #womeninsport #femaleathlete #strength #elitesport