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Upcoming competitions

The IBSF Congress has been organised regularly since the first event was held on November 23rd, 1923 in Paris. 

The IBSF Congress 2017 will take place in Salt Lake City, USA on June 28th and welcomes around 40 National Federations along with Race Organizers, Track Officials, IBSF Representatives and Guests.

Latest Results

Training EC Bobsleigh Training
2-woman Bobsleigh
Winterberg, 12 dec 2019

Training ICC Skeleton Training
Skeleton Women/Men
Königssee, 12 dec 2019

Social Wall

Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian OLY

It's amazing this year how many post I have seen announcing athletes switching nations they compete for. No matter the reason: funding, marriage, dual citizenship, repping family heritage, escaping a toxic environment, it is so great to see the opportunity be taken and used. It's almost trendy now 😉 . 5 years ago I decided to switch (I actually prefer not to use the term "switch", as I have and always will be 🇯🇲) to Team Jamaica. For me the 2 deepest reasons were to come home to my other nation, repping all of my heritage. The second, for over all representation of multiple nations, races and cultures in the olympic games specifically winter sports, more specifically sliding sports (bobsleigh). 🚄💨 . Unfortunately I was met with quite a lot of negativity for my decision and switch. Mostly from the team and nation I competed for for so long previously. It was brutal, heartbreaking and lonely. Seeing how supportive people are (fans, sponsors, sport, competitors and even the nation/team previously competed for) for these athletes doing what is best for them now, really shows hope for the future. It shows we CAN have multiple loyalties and ultimately it comes down to being loyal to our true selfs and representing that! . I wish all of my fellow transitioning athletes the best on their quest with their new teams and roles. Your decision was not easy nor taken lightly, the journey has had it's road blocks, the gossip mills will continue to turn. Stay strong and compete your way on your terms with the most joy you've had competing to date! . #multinational #TeamJamaica #TeamUSA #olympian #firsts #competeyourway #multination #representation #culture #loyatytotrueself #opportunity #compete #olympics #sport #sports #switch #transition