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Upcoming competitions

The IBSF Congress has been organised regularly since the first event was held on November 23rd, 1923 in Paris. 

The IBSF Congress 2019 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on July 7th and welcomes more than 40 National Federations along with Race Organizers, Track Officials, IBSF Representatives and Guests.

Latest Results

Women's Monobob Event
Women’s Monobob
Lake Placid, 13 apr 2019
2:06.63    (+0.83)
2:07.18    (+1.38)
World Championships
Women´s Skeleton
Whistler, 7 mar 2019 / 8 mar 2019
3:33.41    (+0.38)
3:34.20    (+1.17)

Social Wall

The Sliding Irish ??

It upsets me hearing people with PTSD feeling like they’re weak for feeling how they do, it takes immense strength to live with it. I look back at everything that happened to me and I now have PTG, post traumatic growth. What happened to me nearly killed me but now I’m stronger because of it. ______________________________________________ We all make plans and have goals be it in sport, professional life, or relationships and that’s incredibly important but we also need to accept that when we make those plans and goals that it may not work out or may not happen the way you planned. One of my dreams was working as a Garda (police officer) it offered me incredible job satisfaction the ability to help those in need and challenge me. Life being life threw me a curve ball which resulted in me having to resign despite my best attempts to maintain my dream job. It was incredibly hard to step back with all the real life implications. I went through a phase thinking it was all awful and no hope but looking back now I’ve grown so much after what happened, I’ve gained so much experience learned so much about myself and in a strange way I’m grateful for what’s happened and I’ve very much found the silver lining. I do miss the job but I’m going to take what I’ve learned from it all forward into new opportunities and make new life plans. No matter how dark times may seem or how long you feel you’ve been feeling this way, there is always a way to grow daunting as it may seem with the right work, right perspective and time you can make your weakness a strength. #teamireland #mentalhealthawareness #opportunity #police #garda #challenge #mentalhealth #ptsd #positivethoughts #happy #motivation #letstalk #anxiety #wellbeing #depression #insomnia #family #teamwork #time #cop #lawenforcement #ireland #dublin