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Marco Rangl

Marco Rangl

Main Info

182 cm
102 kg
Year Began Competition:
Year National Team:
National Coach:
Wolfgang Stampfer
Former Sporting Career:
Soccer player

Who was the most influential person in your sporting career?
Dr. Pollany from my school. He was the one who said that I was the fastest man in Austria before I was even there. And he was right. That's how it all started.
What’s your former sporting career/former sports?
Soccer. I still love soccer. Although it is a team sport, but you could play the own individual strengths. In some moments alone decide.
What ist he one thing you always do after a good performance?
Yes, you know, for a moment you're happy, but that's about it. I think it's not the success itself or a good performance that brings or changes you. But the way itself. So I do not notice so much the moments. When it's over, I look at the whole picture, and then I'll be happy.
What’s on your playlist for workout/training?
Classical music, instrumental music, film music, rather these quiet things
Do you have a favourite motivational quote?
It always seems impossible until it is done.

Competition *

4-man Bobsleigh
* Only includes results from season 2004/2005 onwards.
Para bobsleigh: From season 2017/2018 onwards the discipline Para bobsleigh seated is named Para bobsleigh.

Date Place Competition NF Type