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Christine De Bruin

Christine De Bruin

Main Info

Pilot, Brakewoman
170 cm
76 kg
Year Began Competition:
Year National Team:
Personal Coach:
Ivo de Bruin
National Coach:
Todd Hays
Former Sporting Career:
Track & Field

How did you get into bobsleigh/skeleton?
I was done with T&F or any sport really. I was ready to live a normal life, finish my degree and be with my boyfriend at the time. My track coach convinced me to try out for bobsleigh. He told me it would be nearly impossible to make a national for track but he believed I could do amazing things in bobsleigh. So I drove to Calgary from Edmonton and tried out. I made the devo team that year as a brakeman and I haven't looked back since.
What did you think after your very first bobsleigh/skeleton ride?
I thought I would never do it again. My first experience I got very sick and puked three or four times. The next day, I can back with some Gravol and I have never gotten that sick again.
What do you do to calm your butterflies while you compete?
I love anything dance. I always listen to upbeat tunes that make me happy. I find this allows me to relax and perform to the best of my ability

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