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Vision and mission of the IBSF have been created with care and crafted with a specific intention, which helps align our efforts and focus our strengths on achieving big goals.

The vision of the IBSF is to promote and develop the sports of Bobsleigh and Skeleton at all levels throughout the world and strengthen the bonds that unite those who practice it - Giving everyone a chance to slide for life.

The mission of the IBSF is to grow the global Bobsleigh and Skeleton family and to encourage participation in accordance with the ethical, athletic and educational values of those sports. Build a recognized, powerful image of Bobsleigh and Skeleton.

Promote the interests of sport in general and in particular Bobsleigh and Skeleton worldwide.
Promote the cooperation and mutual understanding between athletes from all countries.

Support and encourage the development of Bobsleigh and Skeleton as a sport at all levels throughout the world.
Develop, conduct and present world class Bobsleigh and Skeleton events and deliver entertainment with a unique fan experience.

Take into consideration the protection of environment and create innovative, impactful and sustainable development initiatives.
Preserve the integrity of the sport by adopting rules and codes of conduct and ensuring that such rules and codes are
enforced at all Bobsleigh and Skeleton events. 

Additionally, the safeguarding of our athletes and of all those involved in our sports is one of our main duties and requires understanding on both sides.

The IBSF commits itself to implement Olympic Agenda 2020 and respect the IOC Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance of the Olympic Sports Movement as well as the Olympic Movement Code against the Manipulation of Sport Competitions.
It has developed its own Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct for officials, athletes and entourage as well as IBSF Executive Management.

IBSF Vision & Mission