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The mission of the IBSF is to promote bobsleigh and skeleton sports and to encourage participation and the ethical, athletic and educational values of those sports.
In the pursuit of its mission, the IBSF is adopting a Code of Ethics in compliance with the rules and standards of conduct suggested by the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Its provisions are undertaken voluntarily and independently of the civil and penal laws of the various countries, though it shall seek to adhere and conform to them. All those operating on behalf of the Federation, or who are involved in any IBSF operations or activities in any capacity, shall be deemed to be familiar with and shall comply with the rules of the Code of Ethics and may not claim ignorance of its provisions.

Case reports:
2018 - no cases
2019 - no cases

IBSF Code of Ethics

IBSF Code of Conduct Classiffiers
IBSF Code of Conduct Executive Committee, Staff, Advisors, Commission and Committeemembers
IBSF Code of Conduct Jury Members and IBSF Officials
IBSF Code of Conduct Athletes



Safeguarding from Harassment & Abuse in sport

Prevention of Competition Manipulation

Athletes for Athletes


Appeals Tribunal