The IBSF Congress is the highest authority of the IBSF, and it consists of the delegates nominated by the Members and the Executive Committee. The Members meet regularly at the Congress held annually.

The IBSF Executive Committee Members are elected by the Congress, following the IBSF Executive Committee Candidature Process Regulations, every four years with the exception of the Chairperson of the Athletes Committee which is elected by the athletes directly. It consists of the President, the Vice President of Corporate and Financial Affairs, the Vice President of Sport, the Vice President of International Affairs, the Vice President of Marketing and Events, the Vice President of Communication, the Vice President of Legal Affairs, the Chairperson of the Athletes Committee and the Secretary General (without voting right). A country may be represented with one Member only with the exception of the Chairperson of the Athletes Committee.
The IBSF Executive Committee election process can be found here.

The various Committee report to the Secretary General who presents the reports to the Vice-Presidents in charge. In any case, each Vice-President may participate in his Committee meeting anytime. The Secretary General may invite with the prior approval of the President the Chair of a Committee to an Executive Committee meeting to present or further explain reports or proposals.

The Secretary General leads the operational level of the IBSF following the vision and mission given by the Executive Committee. She reports to the Executive Committee.

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