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This page provides easy and quick access to information and resources on IBSF events.
Here you will find all our press releases as well as - during the season - links to the starting and result lists and important information about our athletes and sport in the Media Guides.

Important information can also be found on our Social Media Channels Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

If you require any further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will gladly add you to our press distribution list to ensure that you receive all key reports by email.

We kindly ask for your understanding that the IBSF itself does not provide any media accreditation. So if you would like to attend an IBSF event, please contact the respective track.

All press releases can be found within our NEWS section.

Media Guides BMW IBSF World Cup 2018/2019:

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Calgary
Mediaguide Skeleton - Calgary

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Lake Placid
Mediaguide Skeleton - Lake Placid

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - St. Moritz
Mediaguide Skeleton - St. Moritz

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Innsbruck
Mediaguide Skeleton - Innsbruck

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Königssee
Mediaguide Skeleton - Königssee

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Altenberg
Mediaguide Skeleton - Altenberg

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Winterberg
Mediaguide Skeleton - Winterberg

Mediaguide Bobsleigh - Sigulda
Mediaguide Skeleton - Sigulda

Preview & News:
Start Lists & results:

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