On the occasion of the Russian National Championships in Sochi the Russian Bobsleigh Federation hosted an educational seminar for athletes and coaches on Anti-Doping, called “Team Russia for open & clean sport”.
With the support of the Federal Medical Biological Agency (FMBA) more than 50 bobsleigh and skeleton athletes participated in today´s seminar. IBSF President Ivo Ferriani gave a presentation and left some key statements in regards to Anti-Doping. For all athletes the education is the main pillar of prevention. Education is also the responsibility of coaches and doctors. The key for success is not only to work hard but to work in the right way. Athletes are role models for the new generation of kids, for young athletes in Russia and outside of the country. In his closing remarks Ivo Ferriani welcomes the initiative taken by the Russian Bobsleigh Federation which prepares the future pathway not only for bobsleigh and skeleton but for all Russian sports. He also confirmed to the athletes and coaches present that the IBSF has zero tolerance in regards to any violation of the Anti-Doping Rules and that the International Federation will protect all clean athletes.

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