Today the IBSF Hearing Panel chaired by Advocaat Dolf Segaar and attended by its members Prof.Dr. Ian Blackshaw and Prof.Dr.Peter Hemmersbach have met with the following athletes at the MUNICON Congress Center at Airport Munich:

  • A.Tretiakov
  • E.Nikitina
  • A.Kasyanov
  • A.Pushkarev
  • I.Khuzin
  • O.Potylitsina
  • M.Orlova
  • A.Zubkov
  • S.Chudinov

Having heard representations by their legal representative, Philippe Baertsch (Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd) , and still awaiting the reasoned decision of the IOC and consistent with its earlier decision of January 6, 2017, the IBSF Hearing Panel came to the conclusion that there is still not yet sufficient evidence of the above mentioned individual athletes and officials that would justify the provisional suspension being maintained for the time being.

The Hearing Panel invites the IOC to present the IBSF with a reasoned decision, as soon as possible, in order to potentially re-consider the position of the individual athletes and officials.

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