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U.S. Olympic Committee accepts applications for Next Olympic Hopeful

Leuven/Colorado Springs (RWH) Belgium and the USA are on the lookout for new Bobsleigh and Skeleton talents.

The Belgian Federation (Belgische Federatie voor de Bob- En Sleesporten, BFBS) offers a test day on 24 April at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. The tests will be under the leadership of Rudi Diels and Tom de la Hunty (GB, bobsleigh coach), Mattias Guggenberger (AUT, skeleton coach) and Olaf Hampl (GER, push technique).

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The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is accepting applications for the third season of The Next Olympic Hopeful through May 8, inviting elite American athletes of all sporting backgrounds to the talent-identification program.

One winner will be invited to join national team camps for each of the six participating sports, including bobsled and skeleton. The winners will be eligible to receive financial, training and medical support as they prepare for the opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games.

Athletes are invited to apply through the online portal, where they provide details about their sport experience and complete a pre-screen. Individuals can also attend in-person screening sessions across the U.S., or regional tryouts.

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Additionally, USA Bobsled & Skeleton partnered with five other Sport Governing Bodies for a new combine series to find new talents: the Team USA Pro Days

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