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Beijing (RWH) A panda and a Chinese lantern child have been chosen as the mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The mascots were launched by the organizing committee POCOG on Septenber 17 in the Chinese capital.

“Bing” means ice and also symbolises purity and strength. “Dwen Dwen” is a common nickname in China for children that implies healthiness, cuteness, and ingenuousness. The panda is recognised as a Chinese national treasure and is deeply loved by people from all over the world.

The Paralympic mascot, a child in the form of a red Chinese lantern, is called Shuey Rhon Rhon. Shuey has the same pronunciation the Chinese character for snow. The first Rhon in the mascot’s Chinese name means “to include, to tolerate”, while the second Rhon means “to melt, to fuse” and “warm”. The name expresses the hope that there would be more inclusion for people with impairments, and more dialogue and understanding between cultures of the world.

The name signifies warmth, friendship, courage and perseverance.

The new Olympic mascots will serve as ambassadors for winter sports, bringing joy to those who participate in and watch the Olympic Winter Games.

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Press release Beijing 2022

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