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Lake Placid (RWH) The IBSF North American Cup 2019-2020 comes to an end in Lake Placid (USA). Ander Mirambell (ESP, Men’s Skeleton), Eunji Kim (KOR, Women’s Skeleton), Taylor Austin (CAN, 2-man and 4-man Bobsleigh) and Kori Hol (CAN, 2-woman Bobsleigh) were already awarded as overall winners following the last of eight races. The last three races in 4-man Bobsleigh are scheduled for January 8 and 9. The last NAC event of the season saw 15 races over four days.

Men’s Skeleton athlete Ander Mirambell claimed his second overall title in North American Cup after 2016. Chris Strup (USA) finished second ahead of American Samoa athlete Nathan Crumpton.

In Women’s Skeleton, Eunji Kim claimed the title for Korea. Brazilian Nicole Rocha Silveira was awarded for second place, US athlete Mystique Ro finished third overall.

Canadian Taylor Austin is the winner in 2-man Bobsleigh. He relegated teammate Patrick Norton and Nick Cunningham from the USA to rank two and three, respectively. In 4-man Bobsleigh, Austin won six of eight races as well as the overall ranking ahead of teammate Jeff McKeen (CAN) and Nick Cunningham. 

In 2-woman Bobsleigh, Kori Hol (CAN) won the overall NAC ranking. US bobsleigh pilots Kristi Koplin and Shelby Williamson finished second and third. ©RWH2020

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