Dear Athletes,

Dear IBSF Members,

Dear Sliding Family,

The world faces challenging times and so does each of us.

During the last weeks, living in Italy, I experienced myself what the coronavirus pandemic entails for a country. The unknown and uncertainty create fears. Not to know how long it will last, threatens the life-planning.

In these times it is even more important to stay focused and have a common goal. You, being involved in sports, are all experts in setting goals and keeping motivation high. But there are a lot of people out there who are not elite athletes, who are not used to motivating themselves for a goal that is still far off like for example the Olympic Games. Now it´s our turn to show those people what sports taught all of us throughout these years: never give up, respect regulations in place and respect each other, be fair and show true sportsmanship by giving a helping hand. We all should be role-models for our families and friends, neighbors and even the unknown persons who may need support. Let us convince them with our positive attitude and our way to see light at the end of the tunnel even if the tunnel seems to be dark and long. Sport makes a difference in our life – now we make a difference in other people´s lives!

Together we will slide through the tunnel and carry the light with us!

Yours in sport,

Ivo Ferriani

Ivo 2020

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