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Lausanne (RWH) The International Testing Agency (ITA) in Lausanne will run a series of free online learning sessions covering some important topics in anti-doping. While the first webinar is open to the general public, the other sessions are dedicated to ITA partners only.

Tuesday, May 5th, 14 -15.30 h CET:

Understanding the Anti-Doping Landscape and the Athlete Perspective

In this session we will discuss the anti-doping landscape, providing an overall picture of the current system and introducing key stakeholders and their roles. You will hear from Benjamin Cohen of ITA and Michael Ask of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations (iNADO). Equally important is the perspective of those at the center of the anti-doping system. Olympic Champion Christine Girard will share her experience and thoughts on the current clean sport system and priorities for the future.

The access is limited to 500 persons, please use the link to register for the first webinar: https://www.bigmarker.com/international-testing-agency/anti-doping-landscape

The learning sessions will take place during May and June and will cover a variety of topics. An invitation to each session will be available a week before the scheduled webinar. More info via the International Testing Agency ITA or the IBSF National Federations.

Tuesday, May 19th, 14h-15h CET:

The Doping Control Process: Urine and Blood Sample Collection 2

Tuesday, June 2nd, 14h-15h CET:

Principles and Values, Rights and Responsibilities

Tuesday, June 16th, 14h-15h CET:

Medications, Supplements, TUEs and the Prohibited List

Tuesday, June 30th, 14h-15h CET:

The Registered Testing Pool, Whereabouts and use of ADAMS (Athlete Central)

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