Picture credit: IOC, WHO, UN

#HEALTHYTogether: IOC, WHO and UN join forces with athletes to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Lausanne (RWH) The International Olympic Committee, IOC, the World Health Organization, WHO, and the United Nations, UN, launched a partnership to encourage individuals and communities around the world to take action according to the motto #HEALTHYTogether.

According to the announcement, Olympic athletes will help deliver important public health information in the coming weeks, inspiring people to adopt or continue behaviours that will curtail the pandemic and provide resources that promote physical and mental health.

Using the theme “Healthy Together”, partners and athletes will spotlight the collective effort and global collaboration needed to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19.

The three organisations will work with local health authorities to share public health guidance and resources that inform and empower individuals to take appropriate actions and precautions. The World Health Organization will work with athletes to bring the important information to populations where they live and where conditions may vary through digital platforms.  

Picture credit: IOC, WHO, UN

For more information, please visit the campaign page.

>> IOC Press release

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