Graphic: IOC / Athlete365

Lausanne (RWH) On 10 October it’s World Mental Health Day. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) emphasises the need to support athletes through the difficult times the world is currently facing. Many initiatives have been put in place over the past two years already to drive the conversation on mental health and improve athletes’ well-being. With the COVID-19 pandemic turning also athletes’ lives upside down, their mental health has never been so important. In an IOC survey launched recently, 32 per cent of the 4,000 athletes and entourage members who responded said that mental health is the biggest challenge they are currently facing.

Resources such as webinars are regularly made available on the Athlete365 platform, where in-depth advice from medical professionals and performance managers can be found, together with past and present Olympians sharing their own experience and tips on wellbeing.

On Athlete365, there’s a new guide to staying mentally fit with more advice and services to come.

>> IOC Press Release

>> Athlete365-Guide #MentallyFit

Graphic: IOC / Athlete365

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