Großgmain (RWH) The 91st Congress of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation IBSF was the first digital-only annual meeting of the Olympic Winter Sports Federation. On October 17, delegates from 48 national federations met with IBSF President Ivo Ferriani and the IBSF Executive Committee for the Online Congress 2020. 140 participants were registered. 

The agenda included personal reports from President Ferriani and General Secretary Heike Größwang. The reports of the Vice Presidents were sent in writing to the delegates of the IBSF National Federations in advance and were presented for discussion.

 "Now we are facing a digital congress for the first time in our history, and I sincerely hope it will be the last one," wrote President Ivo Ferriani in his pre-sent report to the delegates. "This congress shows the very difficult situation we have been in since last March. It deprives us of the pleasure of meeting to discuss, exchange views and share some moments of conviviality. In this exceptional period, it is essential to be flexible and to take exceptional decisions. This flexibility helps us to survive".

"Sport also faces an unique challenge and it is particularly difficult for the athletes on whom our focus is," said Kit McConnell, Sports Director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in his welcoming address to the Congress. "We as the IOC work closely with the IBSF to provide all needed support and information. My thanks go to President Ferriani as a member of the IOC Executive Board for his great commitment to winter sports".

The annual accounts and budget as well as the release of the Executive Committee were approved by a large majority of the voting IBSF members.

Congress 2021 was already awarded to Jamaica in 2019. However, the IBSF Executive Committee now received a mandate from the delegates to look for another venue if restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic make this necessary.

The documents for the IBSF Congress 2020 are available on the website at

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