Replacement for BMW IBSF World Cup race to be announced in the next days

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Lausanne (RWH) The International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation IBSF in consultation with the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee decided to move the International Training Period (ITP) in Yanqing Sliding Center to October 2021. The Training Period on the new Olympic track for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, originally scheduled in February and March, will now take place from 5 October to 2 November 2021. The replacement for the BMW IBSF World Cup finals in Beijing will be announced in early December.

The full IBSF statement:
In the past weeks we have been in close contact with the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee to discuss the likelihood of organizing the International Training Period (ITP) and BMW IBSF Bob & Skeleton World Cup Beijing 2021 under the challenging circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic causes to all of us.

It has now been agreed with all parties that the ITP will be moved to October (5th of October to 2nd of November 2021) with Bobsleigh and Skeleton being split in two periods. Bobsleigh will start, followed by Skeleton. At the end of each period an IBSF sanctioned race will be held; the BMW IBSF Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Cup, which was originally scheduled for March 2021, will not be held in October 2021. A replacement for the World Cup in March 2021 will be announced next week.

We want to thank the Organizing Committee Beijing 2022 and also the FIL, which we coordinated the training sessions with as well, for their cooperation and open discussion.

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