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IBSF asks coaches and staff of national federations to participate

Montreal (RWH) The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA has a research project to to increase the understanding of the factors that may make athletes more vulnerable to inadvertent or intentional doping – and to identify what interventions can be implemented to enhance the collective efforts to protect athletes and clean sport.

To support this important task, the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation IBSF kindly asks the technical, medical, sport or coaching staff of its member federations – people with a good knowledge of the structure and culture of their sport – to take about 15 minutes to complete the Survey exploring athlete vulnerability associated with potential doping. The survey is anonymous as no private information will be collected or shared and the analyses will focus on aggregated data at either a sport, national or regional level. The outcomes of the research will be shared with you and the clean sport community.

The survey must be completed before 23 May 2021, welcomes both International and National level sport perspectives and seeks to explore:

  • the vulnerability factors that exist or are prevalent in different sports
  • the most influential athlete support personnel at different stages of an athlete’s career for different sports
  • the risk of inadvertent doping in different sports
  • the stages of an athlete’s career or their experiences that may increase their vulnerability to doping

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