Icetrack finish area with nation's flags, after BMW IBSF World Championships Altenberg 2021

Secretary General Heike Größwang praises excellent cooperation

Großgmain (RWH) Race organisers of 15 sliding tracks around the world gathered with representatives of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation IBSF for an online meeting to discuss the last Bobsleigh and Skeleton season and prepare for the coming Olympic Winter 2021/2022. Among the 43 participants were also representatives of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and the Organising Committee BOCOG.

IBSF Secretary General Heike Größwang emphasized in her greeting the excellent cooperation of all track management teams despite the huge challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic. „Only with this determination we were able to host all kinds of competitions“, Heike Größwang said.

For the Olympic season, some of the COVID-19 measures may continue such as constant testing and face masks. A final decision is expected to be taken in September. And the hope is high that fans and spectators can come back to the events under certain conditions.  

Regarding media data, the IBSF presented a 51% increase in new followers over all Social Media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Ahead of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the new Chinese IBSF Social Media channels on Weibo, WeChat and Toutiao, that started in January 2021, welcomed thousands of new fans, despite the fact that no Chinese athletes attended the IBSF competitions due to strict travel and quarantine restrictions. ©RWH2021

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