Königssee icetrack and sorrounding area seen from above

Königssee (RWH) After heavy rain in mid-June, not only the Königssee ice arena in Berchtesgaden was severely damaged by mudflow. Many flats and houses were also affected and residents are facing massive damage.

In order to alleviate the financial impact for the affected population, the German federation BSD (Bob- und Schlittenverband für Deutschland) has set up a donation account.

"It is of particular concern to us to emphasise that the account set up is not a donation account in favour of the reconstruction of the ice arena at Königssee," says BSD board chairman Thomas Schwab. "We created the account for the benefit of the flood victims in the Berchtesgaden region."

The BSD stressed that although the damage to the artificial icetrack was considerable material damage, it was out of all proportion to personal and human fates.

"The charity campaign is intended to show how connected sport is in its native regions and in this way we would like to give something back to the citizens who always support us so generously at our events," said Thomas Schwab.

BSD donation account

IBAN: DE59 7105 0000 0020 5612 47

Intended purpose: „BSD Spendenkonto Hochwasseropfer 2021 BGL“

>> BSD website 

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