Trang Tran Thi Doan / Nguyen Chau first IBSF winners from Vietnam; Photo: KBSF

PyeongChang (RWH) For the first time ever, the national anthem of Vietnam was played at the award ceremony after an IBSF race. At the international Korea Cup in PyeongChang, the Vietnamese Trang Tran Thi Doan / Nguyen Chau won in 2-woman bobsleigh. The national federation Skating Federation of Vietnam has been an IBSF member since 2021. The 2018 North America Cup overall winner Kim Yooran came second with Joo Hyeongwon ahead of Thailand's Sumita Sattaporn / Karuna Paenmuek.

Push athlete Paenmuek had also previously competed in women's skeleton, where she finished fifth. The Korea Cup in women's skeleton was won by Kim Eunji (KOR) ahead of team mate Yang Seokju and Khanh Nguyen from Vietnam.

In the 2-man bobsleigh, the three podium places went to the home team from Korea: Kim Jinsu / Kim Hyeonggeun won ahead of Suk Youngjin / Shin Ye Chan. Won Yunjong, overall World Cup winner in 2016, finished third with push athlete Kim Donghyun.

The men's skeleton race on the 2018 Olympic track in PyeongChang was won by Beijing Olympic silver medallist Jung Seunggi (KOR) ahead of compatriot Kim Jisoo and Jonathan Yaw of Malaysia. ©RWH2022

Photos: KBSF

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