IBSF Congress 2022 on  July 15 in Lausanne

Lausanne (IBSF) The candidates to stand for the regular elections of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation Executive Committee are named. At the 2022 Congress on July 15 in Lausanne, the delegates of the IBSF member federations will vote for the President as well as the six Vice Presidents of the Olympic winter sports federation. 

IBSF President Ivo Ferriani from Italy, in office since 2010, stands for re-election for his fourth. There was no other candidate put forward for the position of the IBSF president.

List of candidates

The Vice President Incumbents and Candidates 

Vice President Financial & Corporate Affairs

-          Incumbent: Andreas Trautvetter, GER 

-          Candidates:

            o   Andreas Trautvetter, GER

Vice President Sport

-          Incumbent: Darrin Steele, USA 

-          Candidates:

           o   Darrin Steele, USA 

           o   Ander Mirambell, ESP

Vice President International Affairs

-          Incumbent: Stefaan Freeling, BEL

-          Candidates:

           o   Stefaan Freeling, BEL

           o   Anthony Deane, AUS

Vice President Marketing & Events

-          Incumbent: David Tomatis, MON

-          Candidates:

           o   David Tomatis, MON

Vice President Communication

-          Incumbent: Przemyslaw Piesiewicz, POL

-          Candidates: 

           o   Bradley Chalupsky, ISR

           o   Nelson Chris Stokes, JAM

           o   Chanmin Chyun, KOR

Vice President Legal Affiars

-          Incumbent: Martins Dambergs, LAT

-          Candidates:

           o   Martins Dambergs, LAT

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