IBSF delegates vote to change bylaws for unforeseen events

IBSF Executive can take protective measures

Lausanne (RWH) At the 2022 Annual Congress of the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation (IBSF), delegates from the national federations voted in favour of important changes to the statutes.

According to these, the Executive Board can now take protective measures in the event of unforeseen events such as terrorism, war, riots, epidemics or nuclear or chemical contamination, for example, to ensure the safe, peaceful and regular holding of races and other IBSF activities.

This may include, for example, suspending federations or persons for the necessary time or cancelling/relocating events. All decisions under Article 22.2 shall be submitted to the next Congress for ratification, which shall then decide whether the protective measures should be maintained or lifted in whole or in part.

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