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Photo: Sergei Mukhin
Sochi (RWH) Heading to the fourth race of the season at Sochi Autodrom on May 1, Formula 1 pilot Daniil Kvyat from Russia visited Sanki Sliding Center. At the venue of the icetrack competitions at 2014 Olympic Winter Games Daniil Kvyat, who turned 22 the day before, met members of the Russian bobsleigh team with pilot Alexander Kasjanov. Kasjanov, in four man bob fourth at the Sochi Olympics and 2015 European Championships Silver medallist and second in Overall World Cup, showed and explained all aspects of bobsleigh sport with sled, team and track.
„Bobsleigh and Formula 1 have much in common“, said Daniil Kvyat, currently seventh of drivers‘ championship, in an interview with „It is about the correct steering and the engineers put a lot of attention on aerodynamics. Both are high class team sports and the races can be very close.“ ©RWH2016

Photo: Sergei Mukhin

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