Photo: Bogdan Musiol
Oschatz (RWH) The worlds most successful bobsleigh push athlete celebrated his 60th birthday on July 25. 31 medals at Olympic Winter Games, World and European Championships Bogdan Musiol won in his career. No other push athlete managed to win more so far.
Bogdan Musiol was a track and field / shot put athlete before he changed to bobsleigh in 1977. During his career for the German Democratic Republic DDR and the German team after the reunification, he pushed many of the great bobsleigh pilots of his time to their major successes. With him, Horst Schönau, Bernhard Germeshausen, Meinhard Nehmer, Bernhard Lehmann, Detlef Richter and Wolfgang Hoppe celebrated international titles and medals.
From 1980 to 1994, „Boggi“ - as he is affectionately known – took part at five Olympic Winter Games, won 1980 Olympic Gold in 4-Man Bob and seven Olympic medals in total.
From 2000 to 2010, Bogdan Musiol was bobsleigh sports manager for the German federation BSD (Bob- und Schlittenverband für Deutschland). ©RWH2017

Photos: Bogdan Musiol

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