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Nadezhda Sergeeva - Photo: Charlie Booker
Sochi (RWH) With two female and three male pilots, the Russian team will compete in the BMW IBSF Wowrld Cup 2017/2018. According to the Russian Federations Facebook page, European Championships silver medallist Nadezhda Sergeeva and Alexandra Rodionova team up with push athletes Anastasia Kocherzhova, Yulia Shokshuyeva, Elena Mamedova and Yulia Belomestnykh.
The pilots in 2-man and 4-man bobsleigh are Alexander Kasjanov, defending World Cup Champion in 4-man, Alexey Stulnev and Maxim Andrianov with Vasily Kondratenko, Alexey Pushkarev, Ilvir Khuzin, Yuri Selikhov, Ruslan Samitov, Michail Mordasov, Kirill Antukh, Ilya Malykh, Petr Moiseev, Andrey Lylov, Alexey Zaitsev, Roman Koshelev as push athletes. ©RWH2017

Photos: Charlie Booker

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