Photo: CHinese Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation
Calgary (RWH) The icetrack in Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park was venue of the second Chinese Bobsleigh Championships on October 26. The athletes of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games host country competed in eight events this year: five push competitions - single woman push, single man push, 2-woman push, 2-man push, 4-man push - as well as races in 2-woman bobsleigh, 2-man bobsleigh and 4-man bobsleigh. 

After the competition, the Chinese coaching staff, headed by 1998 Olympic Champion Pierre Lueders (CAN), presented the awards to the winners: Ying Qing in the single woman push, Sun Kaizhi in the single man push, Ying Qing/Lu Chunyang in the 2-women push, Li Chunjian/Shi Hao in the 2-man push, Shao Yijun/Liu Wei/Shi Hao/Wang Sidong in the 4-men push, Ying Qing/Tan Yinghui/Lu Chunyang in the 2-woman bobsleigh, Jin Jian/Wu Zhitao/Ye Jielong in the 2-man bobsleigh and Shao Yijun/Shi Hao/Wang Sidong/Chen Tianhong won the 4-man bobsleigh. ©RWH2018

Photos: Chinese Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation

2nd CHN Bobsleigh Championships Calgary coaches

2nd CHN Bobsleigh Championships Calgary 4Man

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