Photos: IBSF / Girts Kehris
Park City (USA) Canadian Lonnie Bissonnette is the winner of the first two races to IBSF Para Sport World Cup 2018/2019. In Park City (USA), the 2016 World Champion and Overall World Cup winner of 2016 and 2017 won the first race ahead of Austria’s Andreas Kapfinger and Christopher Stewart from Switzerland. In the second race, Andreas Kapfinger once more finished second behind Lonnie Bissonnette with US athlete Barry Schroeder capturing the bronze medal.

Defending World Cup Champion Corie Mapp from Great Britain finished 12th and 9th. Norwegian Guro Fronsdal was the best woman in the mixed-gender IBSF Para Sport World Cup finishing 10th and 8th.

The IBSF Para Sport World Cup continues on December 21 and 22 with the third and fourth race of the Winter. Altogether, ten World Cup races are scheduled for the 2018/2019 season. ©RWH2018

Photos: IBSF / Girts Kehris

IBSF ParaSport WCup 18 19 ParkCity R2

IBSF ParaSport WCup 18 19 ParkCity Bissonnette

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