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2-man and 4-man medals presented on November 19 at Team USA Awards

UPDATED Nov 20, 2019

Los Angeles (RWH) The US 2-man and 4-man Bobsleigh teams of late pilot Steven Holcomb were presented with the reallocated Olympic Silver medals from Sochi 2014 at the Team USA Awards 2019. The medal ceremonies were part of the 2019 Team USA Awards celebrations on November 19 at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. The International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation IBSF was represented by Vice President Sport Darrin Steele.

Push athletes Chris Fogt (4-man), Steve Langton (2-man and 4-man) and Curt Tomasevicz (4-man) attended the ceremony. Pilot Steven Holcomb (2-man and 4-man), who passed away unexpectedly in May 2017, was represented by his mother, Jean Schaefer, his father, Steve Holcomb Sr., and his sisters, Megan Holcomb and Stephanie Peterson.

"Justice has been served, and I know that my teammates and I competed clean and these are the medals that we earned in Sochi,"  said dounble silver medallist Steve Langton in a USA Bobsled & Skeleton press release. "That part feels fantastic. Obviously there are a lot of other emotions with Steve not being here to celebrate with us, but tonight was a nice way for us to honor him."

"This medal feels amazing, but it's been a bittersweet day," added Chris Fogt. "We're excited to be here and we're glad that justice was served and we were able to get these silver medals, but it's bittersweet because the leader of our team, our friend, is not here with us."

Pilot Steven Holcomb finished third in both Sochi races in 2014 – in 2-man Bobsleigh with push athlete Steve Langton, in 4-man with Chris Fogt, Steve Langton and Curtis Tomasevicz. Both teams have been promoted into the silver medal positions following the doping disqualification of the gold medal winning Russian crews. ©RWH2019

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Steven Holcombs teammates Curt Tomasevicz (left), Chris Fogt (second from left) and Steve Langton (right) with his father Steven Holcomb Sr. (second from right), mother Jean Schaefer (middle) and his sisters Megan Holcomb and Stephanie Peterson

Following Sochi photos: IBSF / Charlie Booker

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