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Bronze medal at the Youth Winter Games in St. Moritz goes to Liechtenstein’s Quentin Sanzo

St. Moritz (RWH) Two golds in the monobob: At the 2020 Lausanne Youth Winter Olympic Games, there was not one but two victors. Alexander Czudaj of Germany and Robert Andrei Nica of Romania ended the two heats on the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympia Bobrun with exactly the same time, right down to the hundredth of a second.

It’s a case of “like father, like son” for Alexander Czudaj. A total of 26 years after his father Harald’s win, the 17-year-old son can now call himself an Olympic Champion, too. His father Harald Czudaj won Olympic gold in the 4-man bobsleigh at Lillehammer in 1994.

One day after his team-mate Georgeta Popescu – who became the first athlete from Romania to win Olympic gold in a winter sport – Andrei Robert Nica secured the second bobsleigh gold for Romania.

Third place and the YOG bronze medal in St. Moritz went to Quentin Sanzo of Liechtenstein, 0.38 seconds back.

Another of the favourites, Switzerland’s Fabian Gisler, recorded the best time during heat one in St. Moritz but dropped a long back after a temporary blip, finishing the YOG race in seventh place after a good second run.

A total of 18 pilots from as many countries raced in the monobob at the 2020 Youth Winter Olympic Games in Lausanne.

Alexander Czudaj (GER): “So awesome! That really tops everything! I’ve got a small injury and thought that today would be pretty tough. I got the extra bit of motivation I needed today from my coaches, friends and family.”

Andrei Robert Nica (ROU): “My goal was to get a medal but I really didn't think that I could win. And to have two winners is crazy. Romania now has two Olympic Champions, I’m so proud!”

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