Photos: IBSF / Girts Kehris

Bissonnette and Westin-Vippola win last season's races in Park City

Park City (RWH) Lonnie Bissonnette from Canada is the old and new World Cup overall winner in Para Bobsleigh. The Canadian came to the last stop of the IBSF Para Sport World Cup 2019/2020 in Park City (USA) as second overall, 30 points behind the leader Corie Mapp from Great Britain, who had won four of the previous eight races.

Lonnie Bissonnette won the ninth season race in Park City ahead of Sebastian Westin-Vippola from Sweden and Dave Nicholls (ISR). In the tenth and last Para World Cup, the Swede Westin-Vippola celebrated his second victory in the race series ahead of Bissonnette and Israel Blanco Amorin from Spain. Corie Mapp finished tenth and 13th in Park City.

With places one and two, defending champion Lonnie Bissonnette then made the leap to the top of the field. With 2065 points, the World Champion of 2016 and 2019 secured overall World Cup victory ahead of Corie Mapp (GBR, 1926) and the World Champion of 2018 Arturs Klots (LAT, 1869). Finals winner Sebastian Westin-Vippola missed the jump to third only by ten points and finished fourth overall with 1859 points.

For the IBSF para-athletes, the season ends on March 24th and 25th with the 2020 World Championships in Lillehammer (NOR). ©RWH2020

All Photos: Girts Kehris

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