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Calgary (RWH) Bobsleigh push athlete Oluseyi Smith, sixth at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games with pilot Justin Kripps, has joined the International Olympic Committee IOC Young Leader Programme with a sustainability project. As he told in an interview at, he wants to combat the profusion of plastic objects (bottles, cups, etc.) at sports events and training.

„It’s called “Racing to Zero YYC”. It’s a small project, and I know there are many bigger ones with the IOC and the United Nations on protecting the environment“, Oluseyi Smith told regarding the procect. „But I wanted to keep mine local to the town I’m living in, Calgary. It’s simply to help the directors in local meets, as well as the athletes, their parents, friends and officials, to try to be more sustainable in how they operate the meet.“

Full interview and links: Protecting the environment as a project for an IOC Young Leader - Olympic News

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