IBSF Para Sport World Cup kicked-off in Lake Placid – Robert Balk winner at his first ever race; Photos: IBSF / Girts Kehris

Corie Mapp and Lonnie Bissonnette celebrate 50th World Cup start

Lake Placid (RWH) The IBSF Para Sport World Cup 2021/2022 kicked-off with the first two races in Lake Placid (USA). While Corie Mapp from Great Britain and Canadian Lonnie Bisonnette celebrated their 50th start in the race series, new athlete Robert Balk fom USA won his first ever Para Bobsleigh race.

In the first race of the winter, 55 year old US athlete Robert Balk had the best time in both heats and finished first ahead of 2020 European Champion Corie Mapp from Great Britain. Back in January 2015 in Innsbruck (AUT), Corie Mapp was the winner of the first Para Bobsleigh race ever held. Swiss Christopher Stewart, second in Overall IBSF Para Sport World Cup 2020/2021, finished third at the seasons opener.

The second race in Lake Placid saw Israel Blanco Amorin from Spain celebrating his first-ever victory in the Para Sport World Cup. After one season break, US pilot Steven Jacobo made his comeback in second ahead of teammate Robert Balk.

2021 World Champion Jonas Frei (SUI) finished two times fifth. ©RWH2021

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Photos: IBSF / Girts Kehris

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