Women’s Monobob Olympic finale with 27.5 Million viewers – 24 Million at NBC at post Super Bowl show, Photos: IBSF / Viesturs Lacis

Yanqing (RWH) The finale of the first ever Olympic Women’s Monobob event at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games managed to capture the most valuable time slot on TV: The finale got aired on NBC right after the trophy presentation of the Super Bowl.

The commentator on the field presented highlights of the third run and then showing the final ten sleds in the fourth Olympic monobob heat live.

With 27.5 million viewers across all platforms (according to ispot.tv), the medal event in the Women's Monobob was the peak moment of the entire Olympic Winter Games. At NBC alone, an average of 24 million viewers watched the first segment of the post-Super Bowl coverage with Kaillie Humphries winning the historic first Monobob gold medal for Team USA. US teammate Elana Meyers Taylor finishing second ahead of the Canadian Christine de Bruin taking the bronze medal. The additionally most-streamed Olympic night ever, 1.5 million viewers according to NBC, got Women’s Monobob 29 minutes of commercial free live coverage.

Photos: IBSF / Viesturs Lacis
Kaillie Elana Monobob medals VLKaillie Monobob gold VL

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