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Lausanne (RWH) The International Olympic Comittee IOC offers a free online education service, the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway, aimed at elite athletes and their coaches. The Gateway is live at: www.olympic.org/gateway 

A tangible project to come out of Olympic Agenda 2020 (Recommendation 18), the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway was officially launched during IOC ACP (athlete career programme) Forum in June, which then celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Strengthening support to athletes on and off the field of play is central to the IOC’s objectives. The Athlete Learning Gateway provides elite athletes with courses and live online seminars aimed at helping them boost their performances and shape their future careers anytime, anywhere, free of charge. Many Olympians and coaches as well as sports institutes, sports leaders and leading academics have contributed content for this programme, which offers modules on a wide range of topics such as nutrition, psychology, leadership, sports technology and injury prevention.

Bobsleigh pilot Jazmine Fenlator (USA, 11th at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, 6th at World Championships 2015), who has already had the opportunity to acquaint herself with this online educational service, said in an IOC press release: “The IOC’s Athlete Learning Gateway provides the ability for people to have access to lessons and tools that will not only make them better athletes, but will make them better people for life after sport.”

She added: “The future is unpredictable. I strongly believe that education is a tool that no one can take away from you. This enables you to define your future when the road is uncertain.” 

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