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Bath (RWH) PyeongChang 2018 Olympic bronze medalists Laura Deas and Dom Parsons will lead the British Skeleton Team for BMW IBSF World Cup. The federation British Bobsleigh & Skeleton (BBSA) announced the teams for the various IBSF race series in a press release.

Dom Parsons returns to the team after taking a year out from competition to complete his doctorate in mechanical engineering at the University of Bath. The 32-year-old is joined in the men’s World Cup team by Marcus Wyatt, who was ranked sixth in the Overall World Cup last season, and Craig Thompson, who made his World Cup debut in Lake Placid in February.

Madelaine Smith and Kim Murray join Laura Deas in the Women’s Skeleton World Cup team. They both finished the 2018/2019 World Cup ranked 11th and 18th, respectively.

British Skeleton World Cup team

Women: Laura Deas, Kim Murray, Madelaine Smith

Men: Dom Parsons, Craig Thompson, Marcus Wyatt

British Skeleton ICC team

Women: Ashleigh Pittaway, Brogan Crowley

Men: Jerry Rice, Stefan Squire

British Skeleton EC team

Women: Amelia Coltman, Rachel Hanagan, Hannah Stevenson

Men: Laurence Bostock, Alex Corby, Benji Fulker, Jacob Salisbury, Matt Weston

Positions will be reassessed in mid-January, meaning there could be movement between the circuits for the second half of the season. ©RWH2019

>> BBSA Press Release

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