US / American Samoa Skeleton athlete Nathan Crumpton

Park City (RWH) Nathan Crumpton, skeleton athlete for the USA and American Samoa, has switched the running track from ice to tartan. According to a report at he qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games (23 July – 8 August 2021) in the 100-meter-sprint.

Nathan Crumpton, born in Kenya to US parents, started his first sliding race as push athlete for the USA with pilot Codie Bascue at the end of the 2011/2012 season. For the next witer, he switched to Skeleton and competed BMW IBSF World Cup races from 2015. His best result was a fifth place at his Park City home track in January 2016 and he finished eighth the same year at the World Championhships.

His mothers family background allowed him to switch nations to American Samoa since  the 2019/2020 season. Following three victories and several podium placings in North American Cup as well as some top ten in European and Intercontinental Cup, Nathan Crumpton qualified for BMW IBSF World Cup for the second time. Last winter, the 35-year-old competed in IBSF Intercontinental Cup and the BMW IBSF World Championships in Altenberg (GER).

A good six months after Tokyo, Nathan Crumpton could be competing in the Olympics again, then back on the ice when the 2022 Winter Games are scheduled in Beijing. The training for both sports is similar, he said in an interview with “I’d say there’s probably a 50% overlap in the training that I’m doing, but there’s a lot of different technique work between sprinting upright and sprinting in a bent position (for skeleton).” And the Olympic 100-meter sprint event is up to three times longer than the skeleton start. ©RWH2021

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