One continent and three countries new with Olympic medals in skeleton sports; Photos: IBSF / Viestus Lacis

Yanqing (RWH) After the Olympic races at the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, the world map of skeleton sports has grown significantly.

With Olympic silver for Jaclyn Narracott (AUS) in women's skeleton, Australia/Oceania entered the list of medal winners in Olympic skeleton sports for the first time. Kimberley Bos (NED) also stood on the podium at the award ceremony at the Yanqing Sliding Center. Her bronze medal is the first Olympic medal for the Netherlands in any of the ice track sports.

Yan Wengang won bronze in men's skeleton, the first Olympic skeleton medal for the hosts from China.

A total of 25 athletes each in men’s and women’s skeleton from a combined 21 nations competed at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Eight nations finished in the top ten in women's skeleton, while athletes from six countries entered the top ten in men's skeleton. ©RWH2022

Photos: IBSF / Viesturs Lacis

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