IBSF Skeleton Europe Cup first ever IBSF race at Bludenz icetrack

Mystique Ro and Stefan Röttig winners at the debut, Ro and Renner overall leaders

  • 28 Women and 35 Men hit the start line in Bludenz
  • Mystique Ro and Stefan Röttig first ever IBSF race winners in Bludenz
  • Bludenz Skeleton track records are 32,64 seconds (Women’s Skeleton, Mystique Ro) and 31, 72 (Men’s Skeleton, Stefan Röttig)
  • Career best results for Pietro Drovanti (ITA, first podium, rank 2)
  • Mystique Ro (USA) and Cedric Renner (GER) lead overall Europe Cup ranking after four of eight races

Results Europe Cup 2022-2023


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