Hurtling down a mile of ice at speeds up to 140 km/h with only a few millimeters of fiberglass, a layer of lycra and a helmet as protection.

Welcome to the sliding sports of bobsleigh and skeleton – Formula 1 on ice!
Requiring a unique blend of speed, strength, skill and sheer guts, sliding sports are quite unlike any other sports.

If you want to get involved in the sports you've started in the right place:

The first steps would generally be to contact your National Federation.
Each country that participates in the sport of Bobsleigh or Skeleton has a National federation that manages sliding sports in their country. If you look go to the National Federations section you will find your Federation listed alongside their contact details. They would have all the information as to what sliding opportunities are going on in the country and where you might be able to access a more structured sliding opportunity.

The other option would be to access a track to gain a taster experience of sliding.
Each track provides the opportunity for an individual to take a passenger ride in at least a Bobsleigh, and on some tracks on a skeleton or Monobob too. These opportunities are known in the sport as "taxi rides". Travelling down the ice run with an experienced Pilot and brakeperson, gives you the full experience of what the Olympic athletes feel without any of the responsibility.

To contact your nearest track please see our Tracks section, this section has the contact details as well as maps and pictures for each sliding track in the world.

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