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GER Winterberg


Track info

Track name:
VELTINS EisArena Winterberg
WCH's years:
1995 WCH M Bobsleigh
2000 WCH W Bobsleigh
2003 WCH W Bobsleigh
2015 WCH Bobsleigh
2015 WCH Skeleton
Total length:
1330 m
Competition length:
1609 m
Start altitude:
760 m
Finish altitude:
665 m
Maximum gradient:
15.00 %
Average gradient:
9.00 %
Vertical drop:
110.00 m
Number of curves:

Contact information

Stephan Pieper (CEO)
0049 291 941508
Steinstr. 27, 59872 Meschede

Track history

1910: Construction of the naturally-iced bob track in Winterberg named “Auf der Kappe” . From 1976 to 1977: Construction of an artificially-iced bob, luge and skeleton track, inaugurated on 10 December 1977. 1986: reconstruction of the new deceleration stretch,; remodeling of curve 14 with a 180 degree turn and construction of the new deceleration/breaking stretch uphill. 2005-2006: Rebuild of the starting area and construction of a new start house building. Relocation of the starting stretch and construction of a new starting curve. 2013: Redesign of the finish arena and construction of a new functional building, a new weigh house and expansion of the loading platform. From 2005 to 2014: Construction of the weather protection roofs comprising roller blinds alongside the entire track;. 2015: Renaming of the bob track Winterberg Hochsauerland as VELTINS-EisArena. 2016: Increasing the finish arena and relocation of the complete timekeeping, video surveillance, race offices, etc. from the finish house to the new arena destination. In addition, construction of a weather protection at the start straight. 2018: Construction of the new multifunctional building "VELTINS-IceArena Lounge" in the finish area in order to provide optimum support for athletes, visitors, officials and sponsors.

Did you know that…?

It is the fourth artificially- iced track worldwide after Königssee, Oberhof and Igls.

Photo Gallery